Multidisciplinary Artist / Scientist

Achilleas Kentonis


2008 "Post Utopia - Recycling Plato" 8 min

An alternative way of investigating architecture and contemporary living in relation to nature. A new form of "documentary" where the Truth is presented as a Lie or as a hard to beleive story.


Video created as part of the multidicilplinary installation which was exhibited in the framework of London Festival of Architecture at the Hellenic Centre in June 2008.

2008 screened at the "Liquid Cities & Identities" Video Art and Architecture event at the 'micromuseum' in New York
2009 at the Amsterdam Biennale  at Mediamatic with a different set of installation.

Concept: Achilleas Kentonis
Direction, Text: Maria Papacharalambous & Achilleas Kentonis
Narration: Martyn Henry
Sound Studios: Suite 16
Studios: Multum In Parvo


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