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Achilleas Kentonis

videoicon       Part of the trilogy 'Here & tHere'


2010 "Wonder" 2min

...Everything is an egg in which God's sperm labors without rest, ceaselessly. Innumerable forces within and without it range themselves to defend it...
[extract from the Saviors of God - spiritual exercises, by Nikos Kazantzakis, translated by Kimon Friar]


2009 "the man" 2 min

A discovery of a series of old photographs going back three generations in the grandma’s family house resulted this particular narrative.



2009 "Once... a dress", 35mm 14min
An alchemist, an onion and a head, crossed each other in a dark workshop. The result?  A dress… Apocalypses of what is behind all these layers. It is a dive in the subconscious, searching for what is neither there nor here.

2008 "Jenny G" 5min


Jenny G, 5min

An incident, a childhood, an artist, a transformation and life itself.


binarycode 2008 "Binary ArtCode" 32min
Documentary  film for the artistic works of Marias Papacharalambous and Achilleas Kentonis, since 1984,  giving emphasis to the creation of ARTos Foundation and its atcheivments. This documentary was done for the occation of the prize giving from the University of Cyprus to ARTos Foundation   for its Contribution to Contemporary Arts, Science and Culture and  took place in May 2008


2008 "Preoccupation" 2 min

An internal investigation via the study of a series of photographs taken from different places around the world. Finally what we photograph is not a coinsitence.


2008 "Post Utopia - Recycling Plato" 8 min

An alternative way of investigating architecture and contemporary living in relation to nature. A new form of "documentary" where the Truth is presented as a Lie or as a hard to beleive story.


caravan 2008 "Caravanes de dix mots", 5:30 min
10 words, 1 video and a narrative that goes beyond terminology.
A sample of digital literature with a visual vocabulary.


2007 "Resistance" 2 min

Gold fish has the shortest memory of all animals. It was used as metaphor to negotiate between the two main pillars of life EROS and DEATH.

Untitled-1 2007 “Liquid Time” Video installation  -  looped video
It all about reflecting some visual rhythm on water…


game_not_overVIDEO_6 2007 "Game not Over", 5min
Part of an installation
Seeing the war as pop culture and of course as another “substitute of erotism” like economy, consumption, politics etc, real videos and images had been used in order to question human behavior in real terms. This work is a blend of video game approach and “responsibility diffusion” on each one of us.

soundless 2006 "Soundless soundscapes" 17 min
A soundless visual music…
A visual investigation of the silent narrative.
5femlink 2006 “Fragility”,  2min
Fragility  - the sensitive space in between everything.


4038808754_857bf59e22_m 2005, "A stroll"  10min, format 35mm
An experimental animation film that blends virtual and real world with figures from artworks (paintings or sculptures) and interact with peculiar environments. The rest are all there…


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