Multidisciplinary Artist / Scientist

Achilleas Kentonis

binarycode 2008 "Binary ArtCode" 32min
Documentary  film for the artistic works of Marias Papacharalambous and Achilleas Kentonis, since 1984,  giving emphasis to the creation of ARTos Foundation and its atcheivments. This documentary was done for the occation of the prize giving from the University of Cyprus to ARTos Foundation   for its Contribution to Contemporary Arts, Science and Culture and  took place in May 2008


Direction,  editing: Maria Papacharalambous & Achilleas Kentonis
Text: Andrea Constantinou, Elena Pavlidou, Fivos Lisasides
Narration in Greek: Costas Constantinou
Narration in English: Martyn Henry
Studios: Multum in Parvo, ARTos Foundation

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