Multidisciplinary Artist / Scientist

Achilleas Kentonis

orientations00 2002 “Stories from lost paradise” 12 min

The Man, the Woman, the Tree, the Apple. Images borrowed from known paintings and drawings are used and blended with images of Achilleas Kentonis to create a fructured narrative of unseen scenes on possible paradise landscapes.

Direcetd by: Achilleas Kentonis
Edited by:    Achilleas Kentonis & Maria Papacharalambous
Studios:       Multum in Parvo

Presented at:
“Paths of Europe” Srasbourg, 2002 
the Macedonian Museum For Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki 2003,
the poetical meeting, “the other dimension” at ARTos Foundation, 2006 
Saisons – video de Tournefeuille, Toulouse 2007 
the “Canvas and the screen”, ARTos Foundation, 2009



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