Multidisciplinary Artist / Scientist

Achilleas Kentonis


2008 "Preoccupation" 2 min

An internal investigation via the study of a series of photographs taken from different places around the world. Finally what we photograph is not a coinsitence.

Created in the framework of FemLink, an international video collage.

It was created entirely with a number of  photgraphic series

Concept, Text, Direction: Maria Papachralambous
Editing: Maria Papacharalambous, Achilleas Kentonis
Soundascape 1: Maria Papacharalambous
Sounscape 2: Achilleas Kentonis
Narration: Elena Pavlidou
Translation: Maria Pavlidou
Studios: Multum in Parvo

Screened in different places around the world the FemLink is touring.

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