Multidisciplinary Artist / Scientist

Achilleas Kentonis

movieCHOROPIOS2 2002 "Ο Χω(ο)ροποιός  - The “Choros” maker (space/dance)", 12 min, format 35 mm.

A visual essay on aesthetics of intuition. Another landscape that can be explored blind people that never had any visual experience. Nektarios is such a case and was the cameraman of this effort.


2003, «Synesthisia»  7 min

The visual part of the theatrical multimedia performance that was a collaboration with poets (from Greece and Cyprus) curated by Andreas Pagoulatos and took place at Cy.B.C. theatre, Nicosia, at Rialto theatre Limassol. 2003, at Bios  and Nixon, Athens, 2008.

phinikou 2003 “Phinikou”,   5min

Phinikou was one of the loneliest people on earth. Her funeral, in parallel with an express car wash, can bring hidden elements of life that are usually forgotten.

2002 "Tunnel of Greed" 2min

videoicon The process of letting go from Greed via a tunnel


orientations00 2002 “Stories from lost paradise” 12 min

The Man, the Woman, the Tree, the Apple. Images borrowed from known paintings and drawings are used and blended with images of Achilleas Kentonis to create a fructured narrative of unseen scenes on possible paradise landscapes.

installationAVARIES3 2002 “Greed” perimetric video projection [looped]

A combination of video and robotics.
A headless man, chased by a white chicken carring an apple, runs on the sourounding walls questioning our everyday negotiation (if any) with greed and avaries.


2002 “Neibourhoods stories” short films total 50 min

A series of video works, related to table set up and eating, from different social and ethnic groups.


india_trienale 2001 “West never apologizes – what a wonderful world” 5 min

theoklis 2000 "Theoklis the Cyclopean" 5 min
interactive video installation
A blend of Robotics, Video and Sculpture. A trip going back 50,000 years and then give you the possibility to leave a message to the generations to come after 50,000 years. A place to create future archaelogy at the present time.


1999 “An Egg”, 14min

A video animation that blends visual work, created outside the computer, with technology creating a new environment. Images from paintings and sculptures are brought to life and create new stories in abstract scenario.


message_in_a_bottle 1996 “Message in a bottle” 17min

This is a part of the final result of the message in a bottle project that includes a book and a video in a design hand made box. It traveled around the world and was placed as a time capsule in different museums, libraries  and Art  Centers.

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