game_not_overVIDEO_6 2007 “Game not Over”, 5min
Part of an installation
Seeing the war as pop culture and of course as another “substitute of erotism” like economy, consumption, politics etc, real videos and images had been used in order to question human behavior in real terms. This work is a blend of video game approach and “responsibility diffusion” on each one of us.

Presented in 2007
In Achillea’s solo exhibition in La Caixa Foundation, Lerida, Spain and
at Nicosia Munincipal Art Center, 2007.


Concept: Achilleas Kentonis
Editing: Maria Papacharalambous, Achilleas Kentonis
Music: Dionisis Savvopoulos , Madness and Korean trditional song.
Studios: Multum in Parvo