[2010] Text on Mars. A request by Aida Eltorie for a publication/presentation

On the 27 of July 1939 the newspapers were announcing that Mars will be in the closest distance to earth and it was a unique opportunity to finally find out if Mars had aliens living there. Curiosity was to the max, telescopes were in stand by mode to see little ugly creatures running around the planet. Fortunately clouds cover the sky and it was impossible to confirm that and thank God the mystery remains alive for decades after that.  A few decades after,  in the old movie the War of the World in the opening song of the film was saying – the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one… but still they come.  In reality they are not coming but we are going there.

Nowadays we are in a position not only to see Mars but to examine its ground with the help of robots that was sent there and also to monitor the planet directly from Earth. A radar instrument co-sponsored by NASA on the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter has looked beneath the surface of Mars and opened up a new dimension for planetary exploration. Why all this trouble… well because the one who goes first gets it all including energy recourses. Like the ‘good’ old days in America. All you need is a landmark with your ‘logo’ on it.

Since there is evidence that in the South Pole there is plenty of ice (which means water) humans brains are in the process of redesign nature in Mars to make it ready to accept humans on the planet. You see, we, as experts in destroying our planet we can bring back life to Mars and why not turn this planet into a green paradise. An apple was enough to lose our paradise maybe if we can plant an apple tree to Mars we will get our paradise back. Of course the space convoys to Mars will leave so much trash in space and around us that we will be a major threat to us. Mars lost its atmosphere 3,5 million years and we try to reverse this process instead of stopping the already started process of losing ours. Or is it a dream by some people that realize that there is no way back here on Earth and try to find out a way out of here.

Let’s keep the mystery alive with Mars. This is a mythological human skill that finally keeps our feet to the ground and our thoughts to the sky. After all that’s what we are and I hope we do not lose this malfunction of our brains otherwise we will be lost in reality and who wants that. My personal experience working in NASA projects for two years taught me that this attitude comforts our fears and keeps hope alive even if we never went to the moon and come back (alive at least). So, why not let’s turn Mars into a green paradise and help the universe get ‘prettier’.

As a scientist and an artist I found a way to actually see that happening and see it with your eyes. It will take you only 30 seconds. First you observe very carefully a photo of the red planet for 30 sec in strong light. Then turn your head and look towards a white wall. You will see the Mars on the wall… but green. It is cheep, practical and… real.

Until this will actually happen in reality we keep the mystery alive as always and we are waiting for the Spirit (the name of a rover on the red planet that we lost contact) to send us a sign. it is likely that Spirit has experienced a low-power fault and has turned off all sub-systems, including communication and gone into a deep sleep.

While sleeping, the rover will use the available solar array energy to recharge her batteries. When the batteries recover to a sufficient state of charge, Spirit will wake up and begin to communicate.

May be this is our real problem… communication

Achilleas Kentonis
Founder and artistic director of ARTos foundation