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Abstract of the Concept: Post utopia – recycling Plato

We see architecture as a living shell which combines aesthetic forms, as a private space that creates social interactivity, as a shelter, as a hope for happiness.

Homes are turned into small factories of managing resources, energy, fears and security. Garbage, water, even temperature are being recycled and stored for later usage. Actions with in our homes are monitored and controlled even for our mobile telephones. How could nature be part of it? How could we be part of nature? How could we propose a utopia where things could face reality in another way?

Our proposal is a “fresh” approach to happiness management where nature, architectural forms and “socio-artistic technology”* could be blended together and manage, store and recycle happiness, hope and could contribute in an almost pop way to better living and why not pleasure.

* [invented term]

This proposal blends three parts:

  1. Nature as a sensing mechanism
  2. The architectural form
  3. The “socio-artistic technology”* which can collect, store and transmit when needed the … well –being.

Real plants will sense the space and positive vibes in a quantum approach. When good vibes are sense, they will be stored on a special “well-being container / deposit” in the house.

Special sensors, are places in artworks, pets, and other objects in the house and will collect positive thinking, happiness, feelings  and hope and will also be stored in the “well-being container / deposit” in the house.

The same sensors will sense bad vibes and feelings and trigger the “well-being container / deposit” to start releasing  good feelings  in the space in the form of ions and quantum “particles”

Why post utopia?

Utopia was always the joker of our physical world. Can we define physical and metaphysical? Post-utopia is still a virgin landscape not touched by many philosophers, poets and other researchers of the mind and soul.

Why recycling Plato?

“Politia” from one hand and the case of the projected shadows in the cave on the other hand are the two most famous concepts by Plato blending physical and metaphysical in simple and straight forward way.

We remember in the old times the cityscapes in Cyprus, due to the lack of water and pressure systems, had something that was distinct and functional. Autonomous water contender towers that store water based on availability. What is home, what is building and what we demand from it? Most probably we look for the post natural

System analysis

The whole scientific concept is a combination of the following  Laws of physics, nature and social behavior.




The connected containers


Social energy exchange



Quantum Theory of Chaos

Reflection of dark matter

Observe yourself acting

Quantum reality of De Broli and Bohm

Recycling energy

Recycling happiness

How the system works

This system has three phases:

  1. The sensors
  2. The energy storage tower
  3. The energy release tube.

[1] The sensors collect “positive” energy from the environment from

humans with sentimental “potential difference”, animals on extreme emotional state, or other environmental factors that are randomly selected based on a fuzzy logic pattern  and neural networks.   Natural sensors are used to better sense humans.

These sensors are placed in:

 ·  real or plastic flowers which take advantage of the post-osmotic-neo-photosynthesis*

·  grass* which is made with high end nano-technology. This grass needs no water or cutting, it sense energy upto 3m above and 1,5 below ground, it can survive in extreme conditions (-40 up  to  80 degrees C).

·  mega genetically changed apples* that they can grow directly on the ground. This has the advantage that needs no extra water to feed the tree which is no longer needed.

*terms that were just invented for the purpose of the exhibition and the research.

[2] The energy storage tower is a prototype base on the meta analysis on the Quantum reality of De Broli and Bohm. The sensors collect energy, purify it and store in a Blue energy tube which it can keep it fresh for up to 555 years. Thought the process is not so visible it can be felt by entering under the tower. Different reflectors can help the visitor sense the difference.

[3] The energy release tube. The positive energy can be release through the same blue energy tube which works in a reverse mode during energy transmissions.  This energy transmission can be received by the human body and is distributed without restriction to all the living bodies within range.