Achilleas Kentonis

He studied Engineering, Physics and Fine Arts in the University of South Alabama, USA and Universitad de Castilla la Mancha, Spain.
As a researcher / scientist he participated in researches of NASA, the Cyprus University and the Aegean University in different European programs.
As visual artist he was selected and represented Cyprus and Greece in different European and international Salons / exhibitions, such as Biennales and Trienales, at the fields of painting, photography, engraving, architecture, stage and costume design, installation, video art, short films (experimental, animation, documentary).
In addition, he organized various international cultural events, artistic curation, symposiums, conferences, seminars and interventions and realized artistic publications.
He received distinctions and awards for different kind of creation.
With Maria Papacharalambous they are the founders and the directors of ARTos Foundation (contemporary Arts and Science which was awarded with the University of Cyprus Award for the Contribution to Culture and Society in 2008.

Recycling social networks – a diagonal approach

This is an attempt to investigate, in an almost GIS (geographical information system) approach, the behaviour and the randomness that could lead to unpredictable social network performances. No owner of ideas, nobody claims full responsibility of actions and everybody feels also independent from the network. How fishes net-work themselves in an amazing speed and how a net, owned by a single fisherman, is there to grab and conquer a whole net-work.