[2011] DataPolis – Symposium

    Enter5: Datapolis – Symposium | Achilleas Kentonis: We as In-Habit_Ants of Our City and Our Electromagnetic from CIANT Prague on Vimeo.

[2010] Chance @ Fondation Vasarely (Aix-en-Provence)

              Skip to content Home conference contact Achilleas Kentonis He studied Engineering, Physics and Fine Arts in the University of South Alabama, USA and Universitad de Castilla la Mancha, Spain.As a researcher / scientist he participated in researches of...

[2010] Text on Mars – a request by Aida Eltorie

[2010] Text on Mars. A request by Aida Eltorie for a publication/presentation On the 27 of July 1939 the newspapers were announcing that Mars will be in the closest distance to earth and it was a unique opportunity to finally find out if Mars had aliens living there....