[2014] Innovation Gym

After many years of training and acting in the field of Innovation and Creative Thinking  finally the INNOVATION GYM is born January 1st, 2014 as an ongoing socioartistic intervention project.     [flickr set=]

[2012] Bank of Commons

BANK OF COMMONS “The essential nature of every human being is perfect and flawless. Yet if we remain too long enmeshed in the world, it then becomes too easy to forget where we come from, as well as to assume an ungenuine nature.” – Lao Tzu The Bank...

[2011] URBAN HERO [DIY rEvolution]

Urban Hero Official launching 15th April, 2011 @ at the National Technical Library of Prague withinh the “enter 5” Festival organised by CIANT.     The Urban  Hero is here and is open to evrybody.   Free website – Powered By...