[2000] “neighborhoods of the world”

A research via photography and video of the neighborhood of the old Ay. Omoloyites in Nicosia in 2000. Interviews,  event video recordings and photographs became a very valuable local archive. It all started from the  concept by Daphnie Dragona who was at Fournos in...

[2006-today] “Visual Poetry”

Since 2006 with Maria Papacharalambous they have taken part in visual poetry exhibitions in Patras 2006, Berlin 2007, and Constantinople 2008. In 2006 he was invited and participated in Visual Poetry exhibitions  «Wine-wine», at the Papermill Ladopoulos, in the...

[2008 – 2011] “City Narratives”

A visual essay investigating the random narratives produced between billboards /commercials and the movement of citizens in the background   [flickr set=72157625208367053]

[2007] “if”

“If” a series of manipulated photographs in collaboration with the artist Maria Papacharalambous which investigates mixed historical scenarios n relation with Venice and the Venician wall in old Nicosia and the buffer zone.  In 2007 they were invited...

[2002] “Lost Paradise”

Slides projected with graduate development of each image at a time. Digital collage and digital processing. Interaction  [flickr set=72157626410237148]