Curriculum Vitae

Address: 91B, Ay. Omoloyiton Ave, 1080 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel. +357-99649765, Fax. +357-22818128

Achilleas Kentonis
Born in Nicosia in 1963.
1983-87 Β.Sc Electronic Engineering, University of South Alabama, USA
1987-88 Physics, University of South Alabama, USA
1987-88 Worked at NASA research programs
1988 School of fine arts, University of South Alabama, USA
1993 Postgraduate scholarship studies at the Museo Internacional de Electrografia, Cuenca, Spain. “Multimedia aesthetics and new
1996-2006 Specialist scientist at the MRDL-Multimedia Research and Development Lab at the University of Cyprus
since 1995 “Binary Art Group” with Maria Papacharalambous
1999 Founder and director of the research centre Multum In Parvo
2000 Co-founder and Art Director of the ARTos Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus
2006 Co-creator of Resart, Nicosia, Cyprus
2008 Co- creator of mARTos Madrid, Spain
2013 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professional education program on Innovation, Boston, USA

Solo Exhibitions
2007 “game not over” La Caja Foundation, Leida, Spain
2002 “Orientations”, Diatopos Centre of Contemporary Art, Nicosia
2002 “Orientations”, Terriade Museum, Mytilini, Greece
1998 “From limestone to amethyst”, Argo Gallery, Nicosia
1994 “The bridge”, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia
1992 “Hands in action “, Centro Cultural Meseta de Orcasitas, Madrid, Spain
1988 “The day after”, Greenpeace – Soho, New York, USA

Group Exhibitions and video and film screenings (selected)
2014 “Alter Ego” Fytorio, Nicosia
2014 “The Kennedy Bunker” REH – transformer, Berlin
2014 “New York Now” 133st- New York [images] [catalog]
2013 “The red and white flag project”, Thessaloniki Biennale 4

2013 “2nd site specific festival” Vyrsodepseio” Athens
2013 “KODRA cyber art space”, Thessaloniki
2013 “White House Biennial” Open C.A.S.E. 303, Athens Greece
2013 “55th international Venice Biennale” Maldives Pavilion, Venice.
2013 “ART ATHINA – PLATFORM PROJECT”, participation as Binary Art Group, Athens
2013 “ΕΝΤΕR 6: BIOPOLIS international Biennale of Art, Science and Technology, Prague
2013 “Di-Egy Fest 0.1”, GEZIRA ART CENTER, Cairo
2013 “Portraits Cypriotes” photographie historique and video contemponain, organized by Appolonia exchanges in Stransbourg.
2012 “Cyprus tracing the non – visible” project, publication by the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus
2012 “X-dream festival” ARTos Foundation, Nicosia.
2012 Set design / water installation title “my new name”, by Linos Ioannides
2012 “Aphrodite 2012 – Sacred and profane purification” Bath House of the winds in Athens.
2012 “unconscious architecture”, Fytorio & Plati state housing, Nicosia
2012 “Bank of Commons” – Socio-artistic project, first presented in the “Common Reflections II”, Nicosia and Istanbul.
2012 Gardening project at Tempelhof Berlin Airport, Berlin, Germany
2012 -participation at the 1st Pancyprian exhibition stage and costume design, Kasteliotissa, Nicosia.
2011 ‘The object’ Evegoras Lanitis Centre, Limassol
2011 ‘Once… a dress’ The international short film festival of Cyprus, Limassol
2011 ‘Attic Ideographs’ Action Field KODRA, Thessaloniki
2011 Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece
2010 “Art is” The art of Cyprus through the ages, Marfin Laiki Bank, Nicosia
2010 “50 years of Republic of Cyprus engraved by Cypriots” Hellenic Centre – London, Old Municipal baths of Patra, House of Cyprus – Athens, Cultural

foundation of Hellenic Bank – Nicosia

2010 “50 years of visual Arts” EKATE, Nicosia, Cyprus

2010 “5 Bienal Internacional de Gravura-Douro 2010, Camara, Portugal

2010 “The Sea Symposium and exhibition EL-BAHR” , Alexandria, Egypt

2009 “Cimatics audiovisual festival” Brussels, Belgium

2009 “Fog films” cinema Elli, Athens, Greece

2009 “Amsterdam Biennale” Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2009 Moondance international film festival, Boulder, Colorado USA

2009 Festival de Cine de Granada, Spain

2009 Porto 7 Festival Internacional de Curtas, Portugal

2009 “International Xperimental film and Animation film festival”, Pantheon, Nicosia

2009 San Francisco short film festival, USA

2009 24th Fort Lauverdale international film festival, Florida, USA

2009 26th Kassel Documentary, Film and Video Festival, Germany

2009 International Short Film Festival, Filmini, Bulgaria

2009 Tabor Film Festival, Croatia

2009 Sitges Festival International de Cinema de Catalunya, Spain

2009 Alcine Festival de Cine Alcala de Hevanes, Spain

2009 Visiomania 18 Festival Visionaria, Siena, Italy

2009 35th Drama Short Film Festival, Greece

2009 Jordan Festival, Royal Film Commission, Aman, Jordan

2009 Bandits – Mages 2009, Bourges, France

2009 International Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary

2008 Forum internacionales des Caravanes Francofones, Lyon, France

2008 International Short Film Festival – Clemont-Ferrand, France

2008 Images and views of alternative cinema, theatre “Ena”, Nicosia

2008 “Synesthisia” Bios, and Nixon Athens, Greece

2008 Liquid Cities & identities-Video Art & arcitecture event, Micro museo Brooklyn,

New York-(video)

2008 “Post Utopia – Recycling Plato” London Festival of Architecture, London


2008 “EU small states Forum- work in situ- Exhibition” Lichtenstein

2008 “Guest + Host = Ghost” curated by Konstantinos Taliotis Nicosia Municipal Art


2008 Zaoem visual poetry festival 2008, Belgium

2008 Disaster/oblivion, curated by Andre Zivanaris, Nicosia Municipal Art Center,


2008 “Jenny G” video art in the framework of femLink

2008 “Yours sincerely” YK:EMX selection from Marfin Laiki bank art collection

2007 “meeting Europe” Cyprus, Apollonia Euopean art exchanges, The Walloon

Contemporary Art Center, Belgium

2007 “nexus* project” Selected by the Madrid abierto [ARCO Madrid] Spain

2007 3th Cyprus Festival of short films and documentary, theatro Rialto, Limassol

2007 Athens video Art festival, Athens, Greece

2007 Saison video de Tournefeulle, France

2007 Forum Thessallonikis, Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece

2007 Temporary Art Centre, Nederland

2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival, USA

2007 Contemporary Media and Art Berlin, Germany

2006 “meeting Europe” Cyprus, Apollonia European art exchanges Strassburg,


2006 Ladopoulos Papermil/ Patras European Capital of Culture, curated by Chrisis

Chrysikopoulos, Patra, Greece

2006 “Sti mpouka”: The visual aspect of the theatrical creation, curated by Charis

Kavkaridis end Melita Kouta, Kasteliotissa, Nicosia

2006 Boston Cyberarts Festival, USA

2006 Contemporary Media and Art Berlin

2006 Associacao de Cineclubes de Vila Velha, Brazil

2006 “meeting Europe” Apollonia Art Exchanges, Strasbourg, France

2006 Zagreb’s ANIMANIA program “around the world in 80 min”

2006 2th Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece

2006 “Bell Art Lamia”06 Art Festival, Greece

2006 ‘Micropolis” video art festival, Athens, Greece

2006 “The other dimension”, poetical night at the international day of poetry,

ARTos Foundation, Nicosia

2005 OLTEPASANTO “Video sensitive postcards”, Republic of San Marino

2005 “Accidental Meetings” , curated by Yiannis Toumazis, Municipal Art Center,


2005 Clermont – Ferrand short film festival, France

2005 “Projected Visions” Mostra SESC de Artes Mediterraneo, Sao Paolo, Brazil

2005 4th Cyprus short film and documentary festival, theatro Rialto, Limassol

2004 “HyperLinks – 20 Cypriot Artists, 20 new signals” Evag. & Kath Lanitis

Foundation, Limassol

2003 Detroit video festival, Museum Of New Art, Detroit, USA

2003 6η Triennale Mondiale D”Estampes, Chamalieres, France

2003 “Paths of Europe” Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki,

organized by apollonia European art exchanges

2003 International Art Expo – NONSTOP.Madrid03

2002 International Art Expo – India 02

2002 “Open Horizons” (film festival) selection Idrima meizonos Ellinismou, Athens

2002 “The Paths to Europe”, selected by Apollonia European art exchanges, Place

de la Gare, and European Parliament, Strasburg

2002 “Art and Video exhibition”, curated by Lucas Curci, Bari, Italy

2001 India Triennale, “The West does not forgive…”, Installation in space , New

Delhi, India

2001 Nicosia Days of Culture- Moscow, Russia

2000 Exhibition of Sculpture “From the chisel to the electron” Kasteliotissa, Nicosia

2000 MEDIATERRA 2000, two-way installation in space (with Maria

Papacharalambous), Factory of Athens School of Fine Arts

2000 Lights and Shadows, Panorama of Greek Engraving, Nicosia Municipal Arts

Centre and Athens National Gallery

1998 Expo ’98, Lisbon, Portugal

1998 Stockholm, European Cultural Capital, Sweden

1998 “Cyprus, Six Routes”, House of Cyprus, Athens

1998 “Young Cypriot Artists “ Geneva – Palais des Nations, Geneva

1997 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan

1997 Biennale of Young Artists from Mediterranean Countries ’97, Torino,

architecture with Maria Papacharalambous and Antonia Theodosiou and

Helsinki 2000, Finland

1997 “Τοkyo today” Salonica, European Cultural Capital

1996 “Open bridge” Houston, Texas

1996 “Wonder wall”, Copenhagen, European Cultural Capital, Denmark

1996 “Alem da Agua”, Copiacabana, Museo Extremeno e Iberoamericano de Arte

Contemporaneo (MEIAC), Guadiana river, Spain

1996 International Festival of Video and Electronic Arts – FIV Buenos Aires,


1996 “Tokyo Today” Copenhagen, European Cultural Capital, Denmark

1995 21st International Engravings Biennale ’95, Lubljiana, Slovenia

1995 Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carrilio Gil, Μexico

1995 “Six Young Cyprot Artists”, Athens Municipality Arts Centre, Greece

1994 Biennale of Young Artists from Mediterranean Countries ’94, Lisbon, Portugal 1992 Biennale of Young Artists from Mediterranean Countries ’92, Valencia, Spain 1990 1st International Photography Biennale, Catalonia, Spain

1989 International Plain Air (FIAP), Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1988 Eurocult cultural exchange, Μoscow

1998 “At the wall”, Eurocult cultural exchange, Berlin

Distinctions and awards

2011 ‘Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe Award 2011’ with the architect Antonis Theodosiou

2008 Dutch embassy “space to take place” award (for contributing to the

international culture)

2008 ARTos Foundation was awarded by The University of Cyprus award for the

contribution to culture and society

2007 ARTos was invited by Amaze Lab and IUVA University of Venice to be part of

the 2007 Venice Biennal, Venice, Italy

2007 ARTos was invited by the organizers of Art Athina 2007 and appeared at the

Helexpo as an autonomous work of social sculpture, Athens, Greece

2007 ARTos was invided and presented at the May Fair at London’s Tate Modern.

2007 Nexus* project was selected and funded from the Madrid abierto competition,

Madrid, Spain

2007 “Experimental animation award” in the 4th Cyprus short film and documentary

festival, Limassol

2006 “Distinction” at Lamia video Art Festival, Lamia, Greece

2006 Won the sculpture competition for the new building of the Olympic Committee,


2005 “Distinction” at the Architectural National Competition Alexi Theodosiadi,


2003 “Special award” by the Hellenic centre for cinema at the 26th short film and

documentary festival – Drama, Greece

2003 “Documentary award” on the 2nd Cyprus short film and documentary festival,


2000 Medi@terra , International Art and Technology festival and symposium,

Factory School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece (national contest)

2000 “Audience Award” the Washington DC international film festival 2000, USA

2000 “Netizen Award” Indiekino inetrnational film festival, Seoul, Korea

1998 Nicosia through the chronicle of Leontios Machairas, installation “ Shelders ”

1st prise of Munincipal Art Center competition

1998 “The Berlin Wall”, 3 price, Municipal Art Centre competition, Nicosia

1998 “Euro-Mediterranean Information Society Multimedia Award” 2nd price with CD-

ROM of the Holy Kykkos monastery (execute by MRDL Cyprus University)

1997 “Europa Nostra Award”

1996 “Art Addiction Award” espiral group, Stocholm, Sweden

1996 “EU Japan Fest” selected among the 22 best European photographers to

depict images of Tokyo

1993 “Mediterranean Woman” French Cultural Centre, special award

1993 “Schollarship at MIDE – Universidad Castilla La Mancha

As a visual artist he was selected from the ministry of education end culture and other cultural committees after competitions and represented Cyprus in different European and international salons / exhibitions, such as Bienales and Trienales, at the fields of photography, engraving, architecture, stage and costume design, installation, video art, documentary, short films and animation.

From 1997 to the present day, collaborates with various theatre companies and with the Cyprus Theatre Organization as a set and costume designer in the production of 17 theatrical plays.
Since 1999 he produced 25 short films and video art works.
In addition, he organized various international cultural events, urban interventions, and realized artistic publications. He participated in various symposia, conferences around the world as a guest speaker.
He received distinctions and awards for different kind of creation.

Many visual and cultural events are realized in collaboration with the artist Maria Papacharalambous.

Selection of works in public spaces and private collections:

State Gallery Nicosia, Cyprus
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
M.I.D.E Museum, Cuenca, Spain
Cultural Foundation of the Bank of Cyprus
Cultural Foundation of Marfin Popular Bank
Olympic committee building
Medical Centres
ResArt Boutique Art Hotel
Artos Foundation
Private collections in Cyprus and abroad