Interventions / Happenings

He organized with Maria Papacharalambous, different kind of interventions and happenings. Starting from 1991 with the creation of alternative fashion shows up to thematic performaces with artists from abroad.
In 1993 they had their first Urban Intervention at the San Pablo Bridge in Cuenca and they continue with “message in a bottle” and “open bridge” in 1995 in Nicosia.
In 2000 they created ARTos foundation and in 2006 the ResArt project as urban social interventions.
In 2007 they collaborated with Nexus* art group and they created Nexus project.
Since 1994 they participate in poetic happenings like the “poetic dialogues” I,II,& III, the “Synesthisia” in 2003 and the “Other dimension” in 2006.

In 2006 his works from the series “orientations” were used as a visual interventions by Katerina Loura for her performance “Oneiroxi”.

In 2009 participated at the Goganeshago – Elephants for Peace, initiated by the German artist Marie Gnausch.

2012 Bank of Commons

This alternative Bank was first presented in September 2012 at the "Be the change" in the frame work of the "Common...

2006 The other dimension

Participation at the Poetic night with the title "the other dimension" organized by the University of Cyprus (dept of...

2003 Synesthisia

Synesthisia: visual/theatrical/poetic happening.  A collaboration with the poets from Cyprus and Greece...

2000 ARTos Foundation

ARTos: An intervention in the society The ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation was created by the artist and Maria...

1995 Open Bridge Nicosia

In 1995 in parralel with the event "Message in a bottle", in collaboration with the MIDE Museum in Spain and the...