• As a visual artist he was selected from the ministry of education end culture and other cultural committees, from Cyprus and abroad, after competitions and represented Cyprus in different European and international salons, exhibitions, Biennales and Triennales, at the fields of photography, engraving, architecture, sculpture, stage and costume design, installation, video art, short films (experimental, animation, documentary).
  • Since 1999 he produced 25 short films and video art works.
  • From 1997 to the present day, he collaborates with various theatre companies and with the Cyprus Theatre Organization as a set and costume designer in the production of 17 theatrical plays
  • In addition, he organized various international cultural events, urban interventions, and realized artistic publications. Many of those were done in collaboration with the artist Maria Papacharalambous.
  • He is also the co-founder and the artistic directors of ARTos Foundation (centre for contemporary Arts and Sciences – which was awarded with the University of Cyprus Award for the Contribution to Culture and Society in 2008.
  • He received distinctions and awards for different kind of creation.
  • He writes articles and papers on various artistic, social, scientific and cultural issues.
  • He has done and (still does) research in electromagnetics and the human body, in music and sounds as codes, in performances as a temporal network and in general in small inventions that are embeded into artworks.